Saturday, July 16, 2011


Oh yeah, I forgotz~

I gave blood recently for the first time! I have to admit, the experience was a little strange, but very attractive. I enjoyed most every moment of it! Even the weird sexual questions I had to answer. Lol?

That same day, right after giving the people my blood I went to a SteamPunk Tea Party at the Athens Library. It was awesome! We all dressed up, ate sweets and took great pictures, AND of course...drank tea! Hee hee! I had Sleepy time and ended up turning Hazel onto it. It was great.

Afterwards from that we popped right over to Daisy's where we had a wonderful supper then headed over to the new skating rink. My first visit there as well and it was very lovely. I skated my ass off.

THEN when all was done, I went to Daisy's to crash! We danced about an hour before I gave out and had to snack on some delicious foods before dying of exhaustion. (Note: The lady who was taking care of me when I was giving blood said absolutely NO EXCERCISE for at least 24 hours after the matter) >u> Hah hah. I'm such a rule breaker.





Anyhoo, just thought I'd share that. I love full days like those. I saved a few lives, relived a futuristic past (???) then got groovy with some tunes on wheels before sleeping over with my friend! Can it get any better?

Only if it started raining chocolate coated puppies.

On second thought, that would be terrifying. Sticky puppies splattering all over the ground. Ugghh. Yeah, I need to sleep.