Saturday, December 17, 2011


Brother: Where are we going?
Sab: Somewhere....where we can be free.
Brother: Be free? Will we be angels?
Sab: We're too dirty to be angels, Brother. But maybe...maybe we'll find someone who can clean us.
Brother: Clean us? How?
Sab: By loving us.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friendship is Magic BITCH~

I've decided to upload my pony fan art here! ^_^

Yes, to answer your question...I am a total fan of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show. I used to watch the old generation pony shows when I was little, and now that they have revamped it and added older kid humor, I LOVE it~ ^///^ People who are fans of the MLP show, that are older or are male are considered a "Brony". "Bronies" for pl. Though the name "Pegasister" has been thrown around for calling older girls that, but I like Brony better.

So yeah, judge me, don't judge me, I don't give pony's ass anyway. ^_^ Enjoy my art and role play!

I didn't draw these ponies, I created them from a pony maker creator game.

Go make your own pony(ies) and thank her for her awesome creation!

The ponies in the picture up top were uploaded by vectors and one artist
who drew one of the ponies. I don't own them, and I am not using them
for profit. This is strictly for fun~ ^.^ Don't hurt me please.

Also...the ponies up top are some of my favorites from the show, slightly altered. So yeah, google them
to find out their names and see their awesome profiles. You'll understand why they're my favorites. >.o

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Poor Alec

"Exactly. Despite my staggering good looks, you actually don't like me that way. And if you're blowing off Magnus, it's not because of me. It's because you're too scared to tell anyone who you really love. Love makes us liars," Jace said.

Love makes us liars, that's why I love you.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Fact 1.

My name is Beatrice E. O. F. Cook
I am currently 16 years old (nearing 17)
I'm unemployed and have taken a short break in "schooling"

When I woke up this morning at 9 I decided to be lazy and simply rolled over
until it was 10.
I didn't actually get out of bed though until it was 10:30.
Shortly after I looked for my mother who has mysteriously disappeared.
No note on our board or anything.
But the missing recycle bins and left open trashcans let me know where
she was heading off to.

Fact 2.

I am in the process of brewing my daily morning tea.
Of which today is Yogi brand Woman's Moon Cycle (with herbal supplements and caffeine free)
The tag at the top reads "The Beauty of life is to experience yourself".
My small cup of sugar cups awaits for when the tea is ready
and not far behind are my daily doses of vitamin C chewables
Their colors are:

and Yellow

Later in the day I'll take two acidophilus tablets
Because their strawberry flavor is super yummy

Fact 3.

The main computer (our Pc) is being a buttface and won't let me
turn the screen on
It's very frustrating, because I was wanting to watch some "Adventure Time"
on it while enjoying my tea...
oh well.
My laptop will have to do.

So, in the absence of my lovely show, I have put thought in other things
Finer things
Such as where I would like to die

I think above all things I would like to die somewhere peaceful
somewhere quiet...
somewhere, holding the hand of the person I love most
I entered this world with many people waiting there to greet me with love and
open arms
I think in death I would like to just leave with that one special
person there to send me off

As the great and wondrous Dumbledore was said:
"To the well organized mind, Death is but the Next Greatest Adventure"

Fact 4.

I noticed while typing, that my status of the books I'm reading at the moment
is wrong...and I find I should fix that right away.

Excuse me.

Done, and it only took me four minutes to take away and add
the appropriate amount of books that should be there

Alright, the facts have been put out and I find I am now bored
with telling you everything (well...not everything) that is on my mind

Fact 5.

I'm going to end it here...because ending at 4 would be a terrible even experience
Besides....I wanted to share the knowledge I learned on my small weekend
trip with my mum with you

Beetlejuice has a cartoon show
used to anyway
and it looks fantastic!!!
It's so dark and cute at the same time, only Cartoon Network could pull it off
without completely ruining it

And then...on a sad note...

The moment my mother and I were pulling out of the drive-way to head off
on our adventure, I spotted my black calico cat lying in the middle of the road

I thought she was sleeping, because she does love the heat our black top gives off
in the summer...but to my dismay she wasn't soaking up the heat. Instead she
was stiff and drawing in bugs.
Yes, I know...a wonderful start of the day.
My best feline companion is gone now...and I miss her so terribly it hurts...
though I didn't cry when I saw her, I waited till I got home and could talk to my
Onee-chan about it.

But, it eased me a bit when my father let me know that she was not hit by a car...
rather that...she was old (and she was) not old enough to die, but old enough
to gather a decease from which she's been fighting off her whole life...
She was sick...and those little micro-critters finally got her.

It makes me proud in a way that she survived this long. And it makes my heart
swell when I go back and look at pictures of her lounging on my bed and teasing
my little chihuahua Tia on the couch.
She lived a happy life, a cat's life and I pray she is waiting for me in heaven...
surrounded by thousands upon thousands of catnip sacks and colorful rats...
(She loved my rats, and I had to keep them separate)

Abra, my whiskered well into the night sky...
find a warm star to sit on and wait, I'll join you one day and we can go on together
and live in a peaceful state of mind. Our souls swimming and mingling into one

There has never been someone who has loved their cat more so then I do.
Sleep well my friend.

Abrakadabra Doo Cook
Nicknames: Abra, Doo, DooDoo girl, Witch kitty, Dabra-Doo
Race: Feline
Coloring: Black Calico
Fur Status: Fluffy
Clothes: A leopard print bell collar
Birth: unknown
Death: July-23-2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Should have known

Wow...the truth hurts. It really hurts.

And while it was a bit childish of me to expect anything different, it still doesn't change the fact how badly that low blow hurt my heart. I probably won't be sleeping well tonight, I can't breath too well when I cry.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

~Fat Pig~

Home again, home again jiggity-jig.

...and I miss my Monchichi.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Oh yeah, I forgotz~

I gave blood recently for the first time! I have to admit, the experience was a little strange, but very attractive. I enjoyed most every moment of it! Even the weird sexual questions I had to answer. Lol?

That same day, right after giving the people my blood I went to a SteamPunk Tea Party at the Athens Library. It was awesome! We all dressed up, ate sweets and took great pictures, AND of course...drank tea! Hee hee! I had Sleepy time and ended up turning Hazel onto it. It was great.

Afterwards from that we popped right over to Daisy's where we had a wonderful supper then headed over to the new skating rink. My first visit there as well and it was very lovely. I skated my ass off.

THEN when all was done, I went to Daisy's to crash! We danced about an hour before I gave out and had to snack on some delicious foods before dying of exhaustion. (Note: The lady who was taking care of me when I was giving blood said absolutely NO EXCERCISE for at least 24 hours after the matter) >u> Hah hah. I'm such a rule breaker.





Anyhoo, just thought I'd share that. I love full days like those. I saved a few lives, relived a futuristic past (???) then got groovy with some tunes on wheels before sleeping over with my friend! Can it get any better?

Only if it started raining chocolate coated puppies.

On second thought, that would be terrifying. Sticky puppies splattering all over the ground. Ugghh. Yeah, I need to sleep.